is a family run guide company based in the area of Tromsø. We specialize in year round sea kayaking and mountaineering adventures.

With a maksimum number of 8 klients per tour, we have the flexibility to make sure our guides can provide you with the best arctic experience available.

On all of our tours we try our best to provide a hands on rugged adventure, sharing decades of knowledge from life in the north.

You will always walk away from our tours with a better knowledge and skillset from the arctic outdoors. 

We run only high quality and well cared for equipment, to the same standards as we equip ourselves. From our top of the range kayaks and drysuits, to high quality tents and camping gear/clothing. 

With more than 25 years of local knowledge from the region we use certified and experienced guides only to ensure you a safe and unforgettable adventure. follow a strict leave no trace policy to make sure our footprints wash out as we leave the wild.


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