Midnight sun sea kayaking

Kayaking in a land that never sleeps. From the end of May to the end of July the sun above the arctic circle never sets, giving us 24 hours of daylight. Join us on this tour, kayaking in the beauty of the midnight sun.  

As often as weather permits we head out to the coastal community of Sommarøy and surrounding archipelagos. Here we see the sun a full 24 hours as it makes it way across the horizon. Sommarøy is a pittoresque village with a long history of fishing and coastal traditions dating back to the viking age and worth a visit all on it´s own.

In a kayak you move silently and in terms with the the rich bird and wildlife these waters offer. From seals, otters and sea eagles to the small porpoise whales that some times show up around the kayak due to their curious nature.

With sandy white beaches, clear waters and 1800 foot peaks streching up from behind, the scenery is magic and fulfilling. Under the midnight sun, mother nature shows herself from her best side.

This is a guided tour and you do not need previous experience to join us. A safety briefing and introduction to sea kayaking will be given before setting out. You can paddle singles or doubles.


Equipped in dry suits we set off for a full night exploring the arctic wild. The guide will pick, according to the weather, a suitable place for the evening to make sure your expectations are met.

Moving slowly, observing, we set of plenty time to go ashore to rest, take pictures and enjoy roasted hotdogs and snacks by the fire.

If you want to be more adventurous the guide will be more than happy to both demonstrate and let you participate in rescue drills to increase your sea kayaking skills. Just let us know.

Basic information:

*Minimum booking of 2 persons, ages 14 years and up.

*Season: 19. May – 26. July.

*Difficulty level: Medium. If you enjoy being outdoors and are a little active you will enjoy this tour.

*Meeting point: The Eidkjosen bus stop at agreed time. Aprox 13km from Tromsø city centre. Can be reached by car or public bus transport number 42 that runs aprox every half hour from city centre at Sjøgata S4 

*Duration: Aprox 19pm – 01am (times may vary due to weather conditions)

What is included:

*Certified guide.

*Kayak, singles or double, paddles, drysuit, gloves, boots and pfd.

*Drybag for spare clothing.

*Warm drinks.

*Photos from tour.

Smart things to bring:

*Long sleeve base layer, like wool or fleece to wear underneath dry suit.

*Warm sweater or a fleece jacket/jumper.

*Waterproof Camera/GoPro.

*Water bottle.

*Sunglasses and sunscreen.

NB! Remember to fully charge the batteries for your camera as the cold quickly drains them of power. Bring spares if you have.

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