Sea kayaking expeditions in Tromsø – Norway

Multi day tours

The tours we just love, a combination of sea kayaking and mountaineering in world class surroundings.

We arrange tours from 2 nights and up on request, with a minimum group size of four people.

These tours are planned along with our guests to completely customize the adventure to Your desire. 

As a base for the tours our operational area stretches from Tromsø, through the island of Senja and the archipelago of Lofoten which all offer world class kayaking and mountaineering.

All tours start off with a half day safety course in kayak rescue techniques, so we are sure all are up to speed on this and to get welded as a group.

All nights are spent camping out in tents and food is made by the campfire.

A typical tour will be to meet your guide at around noon to make sure the flights are in and head out to the start off point. 

From here we get equipped and pack our kayaks for the tour and paddle a short way to the first camping site. 

From here we run the kayak safety course before finishing the evening with a barbecue all having to get to know one another.

The proceeding days will be a mixture of kayaking to our next campsite and spending time hiking/mountaineering in chosen areas.

The last day we are normally back at the airport to reach an afternoon flight if booked.

Basic information:

Minimum booking of 4 persons, ages 14 years and up.


On request according to chosen activities, location and number of days.


15. June – 15. August


Difficulty level:

Medium+ You should have some previous camping experience and be able to stay physically active several days in row.

What is included:

Certified guide on all activities.

All transfers excluding flights to and from Tromsø, Bardufoss or Evenes.

Kayaks, singles or double. Drysuit, paddle, gloves, boots and pfd.

Rock climbing gear.

Tent, sleeping bag, inflatable mat (a really good one), and all utensils needed for camping.

All meals inclusive

Photos from tour.


Smart things to bring:

Long sleeve base layer, like wool or fleece to wear underneath outer layer. Suitable change for the whole tour.

Windbreaker and good pants to wear in camp.

Sneakers or hiking shoes (preferably waterproof).

Warm sweater or a fleece jacket/jumper.

Hat/beanie and thin gloves.


Personal toiletries.


Water bottle.

Sunglasses and sunscreen.

Small daypack.

NB! Remember to fully charge the batteries for your camera as the cold quickly drains them of power. Bring spares if you have.

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