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Trek up to some of the more challenging summits in the Tromsø region is a majestic adventure.

Rising more than 3000 feet straight up from sea level, they can be hard but rewarding to climb. The summit view is amazing as you look down on the fjords and archipelagos that stretch for miles.

To enjoy this guided tour you should have some experience hiking in steep terrain and be in good shape as the ascent can last up to 3-5 hours and a total of 7-8 hours roundtrip.

Reaching the summit, we spend plenty time to rest, take selfies and snack up before the descent.

On these tours we aim to bring you up some of the more challenging peaks in the region, but if you feel a lighter tour is more suited, let us know and we will find a summit with an equal amazing view, but less arduous.

This tour can also be done as a midnight sun outing between 1. June – 26. July.

It is a good idea to bring a light meal/sandwinches on this tour.

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Basic information:

*Minimum booking of 2 persons, ages 14 years and up.

*Season: 15. June – 31. Septembre.

*Difficulty level: Slighty hard. If you have previous experience hiking in a little steep terrain, you will enjoy the tour.

*Meeting point: The Eidkjosen bus stop at agreed time. Aprox 13km from Tromsø city centre. Can be reached by car or public bus transport number 42 that runs aprox every half hour from city centre. Keep an eye out for reindeer along the way:-)

Use following link to find your bus easily: https://www.tromskortet.no/travel-info/tourist-information-city-buses-in-tromso-article4665-1551.html

*Duration: Aprox 10am – 16pm (times may vary due to weather conditions.

What is included:

*Certified guide.

*Warm drinks.

*Photos from tour.

Smart things to bring:

*Long sleeve base layer, like wool or fleece if the weather is cool

*Windbreaker and good hiking pants.

*Sturdy hiking boots or rough soled hiking shoes. Flat soled sneakers are not recommended, as they get scarily slippery on wet terrain.

*Warm sweater or a fleece jacket/jumper.


*Light meal/sandwiches.

*Water bottle.

*Sunglasses and sunscreen.

NB! Remember to fully charge the batteries for your camera as the cold quickly drains them of power. Bring spares if you have.

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