Snowshoe hiking tour

-View the fjords from the summit.

Snowshoeing is a great outing that is suited for most everyone. It is easy, fun and the view is always spectacular.

We will choose an apropriate and safe summit for the day, according to the groups fitness level. Always with a great view

At the foot of the mountains we put on our snowshoes and hike up one of the surrounding summits. The guide will make sure you are safe and keep you out of avalanche terrain. As we go higher the view increases untill the fjords lay beneath out feet, stretching out for miles in every direction.

The peaks around Tromsø are scenic as they generally rise from sea level and give you a spectacular view of the surrounding fjords and mountain ranges. 

ciaspole al tramonto

When the weather permits we spend a fair time at the summit before beginning our ascent.

After descending the mountain and if wanted, we head down to a local and well known coffee shop situated in an old renovated fish factory. Here we can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee along with home made kake before returning to city centre (Food/drinks at the cafe are not included in the stated price).

Basic information:

*Minimum booking of 2 persons, ages 14 years and up.

*Season: 15. Desembre – 15. April.

*Difficulty level: Medium. If you enjoy being outdoors and are a little active you will enjoy this tour.

*Meeting point: The Eidkjosen bus stop at agreed time. Aprox 13km from Tromsø city centre. Can be reached by car or public bus transport number 42 that runs aprox every half hour from city centre. Keep an eye out for reindeer along the way:-)

Use following link to find your bus easily:

*Duration: Aprox 10am – 14pm (times may vary due to weather conditions.

What is included:

*Certified guide.

*Snowshoes/hiking poles

*If wanted, a visit to a local coffee shop for hot beverages and homemade cake.

*Photos from tour.

*Thermal suit with boots and gloves/hat can be rented optionally if needed. 

NB! We require good clothing for these tours as we hike in weather exposed terrain. See our recommandations below.

Smart things to bring:

*Windproof and warm outer clothing.

*Warm winter boots over ankle height with long socks.

*Thick gloves/mitts and a warm hat.

*Long sleeve base layer, like wool or fleece to wear underneath outer layer.

*Warm sweater or a fleece jacket/jumper.

*Waterproof Camera/GoPro.

*Small day pack

*Water bottle.

NB! Remember to fully charge the batteries for your camera as the cold quickly drains them of power. Bring spares if you have.

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